About as subtle as an earthquake, I know, my mistakes were made for you.

Only three days after my last post, I seem to have found a tiny bit of motivation. The motivation comes in the form of this beautiful ASOS dress. Smock dress? Check! Gingham? Check! (excuse the pun). If I hadn't been working all weekend, this is definitely what I would have worn to enjoy the sun. Sadly as I spent most of the sunny hours making coffee, this dress was reserved for Sunday evening eating monster munch. 

The sun may have made an appearance this weekend, but I still don't think my legs are ready for the light of day. Or rather, the light of day isn't ready for my legs, they're so pasty I'd say they almost look a little grey. I think I might be clinging onto the tights for a little longer.

Jacket - French Connection, Dress - ASOS

Wear It Again

Dress - ASOS
Cardigan - Topshop
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs

I bought this dress for my work Christmas party with the view that I could, 'throw a jumper on', and wear it again. So that's exactly what I've done here (if we swap 'jumper' for 'cardigan'). This is probably one of the comfiest dresses I own, and the fact that it'll be wearable in Summer, without tights, is a massive plus.

It's also, shock horror, a colour! I usually only ever wear greys, whites and blacks with a hint of denim, so it's nice having something a tad brighter in my wardrobe.

And I elongated my lift home.

Jumper - Tesco Clothing
Skirt - Topshop
Scarf - H&M
Boots - ASOS

So, long time no outfit post! I finally have my camera back from Winchester and thankfully it's not raining today, meaning I can take outside photos. I do love dressing for Autumn. This jumper is a new favourite of mine, it's so comfy. Tesco really does do good clothing sometimes. 

I've gone from being essentially unemployed, to working a 40 hour week, so I suppose I'm doing quite well there. The only problem is with most of my friends being back at uni, I'm a bit lonely now. I really miss my uni friends too, the one downside of having left. I may just have to put out an advert for friends as everyone else seems too busy right now. 

I have a day off today. I was planning on going to see Pete but right now I'm sat in bed contemplating watching some Gossip Girl. 

I'm so happy to have my camera back, so expect more outfit posts soon! 

Wish List #6

  1. Zara Shirt
  2. Topshop Shoes
  3. Mango Coat
  4. ASOS Trousers

This wishlist has a sort of 'back to school' feel about it, which is suppose is very fitting since I'll be back at uni very soon. I absolutely love the Zara shirt, it has a flower print with the names of the flowers and it's just so cute. It remind me something that a gardener might wear, but I still love it.

I've thought the Topshop shoes are really cute for a while now, plus I think they'd look great with all types of clothing. Plus if I popped some frilly socks on I could really pretend I was going back to school. Oh to be seven again.

I found this coat when Yvet posted about it. I think it's the perfect Autumn coat, a great colour and not too fancy.

The last piece of my wishlist is these ASOS trousers. I've wanted them for a while but they went out of stock in my size and they have yet to be re-stocked. As soon as they're back I'll be snatching them up! I have a similar pair in brown, but sadly they're now too small for me.

Tomorrow is my last shift at work, and as much as I complain about it, I'm really going to miss it. People are coming in for trial shifts soon and it's making me all sad about leaving. I don't want anyone else to have my job! 

Recent Purchases

 ASOS Backpack
 H&M Boots
 Topshop Jeans
 Tesco Clothing Jumper
 Topshop Peplum
The weather today, as Joey Tribbiani would say, is abysmal. I wanted to get an outfit post done but outside was a no-go, and I find it impossible to get good photos inside.

I did however pop into town this morning (stupidly, I got soaked). I only went out for a nice new notebook for uni but I came back with basically a new outfit. I'll warn you now, it's all very grey, but I suppose that's fitting considering the weather.

I also picked up the Origins Super Spot Remover as my skin seems to have taken a turn for the worse. For £13 and such a tiny bottle it had better work wonders! I caved and bought the Bidoderma makeup remover the other day, so maybe that has something to do with it. My skin doesn't take kindly to new products.

Grey and White

  Shirt - H&M
  Tunic - Topshop
  Shoes - ASOS
  Necklace - H&M
I bought this grey tunic after spying Mel of MediaMarmalade posting about it. It's just what I've been looking for really, the perfect length, colour and style. I'm wearing it with my wonderful ASOS daisy shoes, which I adore.

I'm off out for a BBQ now so hopefully the weather will stay relatively nice for the evening. I need to pick up some sausages and burgers on the way, so I'd best get to it!

Wishlist #3

This is a pretty boring wish list post as they go. I'm trying to limit myself to only buying things that I could wear time and time again. Hence why I've been attracted to grey and black dresses which could be worn in all weather. I think I need to pop into Topshop and try and hunt down the grey one. I need it in my life right now.

The shoes, on the other hand, are much more colourful. I absolutely adore the velvet ones. I think they'd look great with jeans, or with a sparkly dress for a fancy party (not that I go to any of those).
I have mixed thoughts on the boots. I love the colour, I'm just not sure it works on boots which are more suited to winter. They're still nice to look at though.

I want to try and get an outfit post in before I leave for Newquay, but I'm working all weekend. I have a new skirt which I fancy showing off, it may have to wait for five days though.


  Shirt - ASOS
  Dress - New Look
  Shoes - ASOS
  Nails - Models Own: Sophie's Pink & Pastel Pink
  Beauty UK: White
I think we all need to stop whatever we're doing for a moment and look out of the window. I don't know about where you guys are, but here then sun is out! I took full advantage of it this morning and proceeded to take some outfit photos. I bought this maxi dress a while ago in New Look but I've hardly worn it due to the excessive rain we've had. The shape reminds me of some sort of Greek dress.

I'm not sure what to do with my day. I've got to used to sitting inside watching Gossip Girl to avoid the rain on my days off. I think I may have to leave the house. I do have a work meeting later, then I'm off to see Magic Mike (hey Alex Pettyfer!).

Wardrobe Staples #2 - Denim Jacket

  Left to Right
  Topshop - £40
  New Look - £17.99
  ASOS - £38
Number two on my list of 'wardrobe staples' is the denim jacket. It's always tricky in England. Once winter is over, it's too warm for coats, but too cold go bare armed. The denimm jacket is great for beating this problem.

I hate to say that I didn't actually own one until this beginning of this year, but since then it has been an outfit saver! Mine only cost me around £15 from New Look, and whilst it's not the best or the prettiest, it does the job.

I love the style of the ASOS one I posted, the slouchier, boyfriend style looks really comfy. Not to mention it would fit over layers in chillier weather.

Florals on White

  Shirt - H&M
  Shorts - H&M
  Blazer - Zara
  Shoes - ASOS
  Necklace - H&M
I never usually have time to blog at the weekend due to work, but I didn't start 'til 2 today, so I thought I'd take some outfit photos. I love this blazer and I'm really glad I bought it, even if it did cost me £50. I also really like my H&M shirt but it does that gaping thing at the front where the buttons are. It's also a bit too long for my liking, hence why I've only worn it with high waisted things. My final complaint is that as it's so see through, tucking it in to make it shorter doesn't really work as it folds over and you can see. But other than that, I love it!!(Sorry shirt).

My shorts aren't the most flattering, but they're definitely my favourite. I bought them last year from H&M and they're just so comfy and a great length. I'm hoping they'll last me for years to come.

I feel so short in all of my outfit posts, especially ones involving shorts or jeans. I have the shortest legs and it is so irritating. What I'd give for nice long legs.

I've not really done much of interest this past week, apart from Wagamama on Thursday which was the best. It's my mum's birthday tomorrow so we're going to this new Mexican restaurant which should be yummy. I get so excited about food. In fact, there's a roast dinner cooking right now which I cannot wait for!

Wish List #1

I spend so much time online browsing, that I thought it only made sense to start doing wish list posts. I've had my eye on the ASOS scalloped collar shirt for a while, the only thing that has put me off buying it is the colour. Whilst it looks lovely on the model, I'm not sure whether it would work on me. I came across the ASOS boots today, and at £38 I don't think they're too pricey either. I might have to consider these, maybe next time they have an extra student discount offer. 

I noticed the Zara items whilst having a post holiday browse today. Whilst I really do not need another pair of heels, I couldn't help but fall in love with these. I saw the skirt in store before I went on holiday, didn't buy it, then regretted it the week I was away.

I'm also planning on re-designing my blog a bit, but I'm lazy and indecisive so it may look a bit all over the place for a bit.

What are you wanting lately?


Blouse - Motel @ ASOS
Skirt - H&M
Boots - Topshop
Socks - Primark

There is something very very wrong about wearing tights in June. I'm not a fan, I hate tights at the best of times anyway. I think the socks/boots combo would look much better sans tights, but I can't control the weather. After my 11 days in a row at work, I'm finally free for just over a week! I've spent the past two days lounging around watching Gossip Girl and not doing much else. I popped into my street party on Monday and there was a lot of bunting, a lot of food and a lot of people that I never even knew lived on my road.

It's my Dad's wedding tomorrow and I think I'm all organised now. I'm getting my nails done in about an hour, then going out for dinner with the family. I'd love it if the weather perked up a bit for it, but I'm not counting on it. Then Saturday I'm off to Portugal for a week, I cannot wait for some sun! I've yet to pack as I'm really quite lazy, and I'm surprised at the lack of holiday purchases I've made this year. It's good though, I always over pack.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of this week. I've definitely lost track of days with all that is going on!

Daisy Daisy

Top - Topshop
Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - ASOS

There's definitely been a lack of posts recently. I apologise. When I've not been at uni I've been spending most of my time at work. The lack of staff and a manager has made it so so hectic, it's nice to get a break from wearing my 'Ice Cold Costa' shirt. After months of waiting, the sun seems to have finally made an appearance in the UK. This gave me the chance to wear this lovely skirt which Pete bought me for my birthday. I teamed it with my beloved daisy ASOS shoes. If you follow my twitter or instagram you'll probably have seen me post about them a couple of week ago.

I've only got one more day left before I've finished my first year at uni. It's crazy how quickly it has passed by. Today we got assigned our roles for next year. I've been given the role of 'Sports Photographer', which came as a massive surprise as my interests couldn't be further from sports. I also get to write a kind of 'fish out of water' feature about my experiences working on sports. Although I'm probably one of the worst people to pick for sports, I actually think it could be rather fun. I've been set a task over summer to photograph cricket matches as surfing, which should be used on the website new year.

I'm popping out this evening for a friend's birthday, before getting an early night as, guess what, I have work tomorrow. What a surprise.

I hope you're all out enjoying the sun. Make the most of it before is disappears again!

Office Wear

Oops everything appears to be from zara and asos.

There's something I just can't resist about smart, office-type, clothing. The tailored blazers, pencil skirts and smart trousers all make me want to go and work in an office and photo-copy things all day. Whilst lilac pencil skirts and candy pink shoes probably aren't acceptable in your every day company, I think that adding a bit of colour to more formal clothing can make it really fun. For example, imagine the pastel blue trousers teamed with pink courts shoes and a cream blazer. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd love it. For something a little more conventional, see the bottom right option from Zara.

Every now and then, when I'm browsing in shops or online, trousers and pencil skirts will catch my eye and I'll wish that there was a place for them in my every day wardrobe. Just one day I'd like a job in which I can wear wonderfully tailored items. Until then my Costa uniform will just have to suffice.


 Top - H&M
Trousers - H&M
Shoes - ASOS

When I saw that peplums were back I was torn. Initially I dismissed them, but having seen them styled wonderfully on various blogs and clothing sites, my opinion started to change. I borrowed this lovely H&M peplum top off my mum, the trousers are also hers (though a tiny bit too small for me, I should really lay off the Mcdonalds) and I think they looks really lovely together. I'll definitely be borrowing this again, and I'm now keeping my eye out for other beautiful peplum tops.

It was so nice getting up this morning and be able to put on something other than my work uniform. It's only been five days but I missed real clothes! I'm not too sure what to do with my day off today, though I know my new Disney Monopoly will be on the cards. I'm a big monopoly fan, unfortunately no one else seems to be that I know of.

I'm planning on going to Westfields with my mum next week, but the train to London is so ridiculously expensive. It's going to cost us around £100 before we've even got there. Aside from that I really need to dedicate this last week to doing my assignments and revision, I'm definitely one to leave things 'til the last minute.

The Elephants Went in Two by Two.

Shirt - ASOS
Skirt - H&M

Firstly, you'll probably notice I changed my blog name. I was toying with the idea and decided to just go for it. Illuminations comes from a lyric 'Illuminations on a rain day from the Arctic Monkeys song Reckless Serenade. I really wanted some for of AM reference without it being blindingly obvious, plus it's a really nice word.

The ASOS elephant shirt that I was so excited about arrived about a week or so ago. For something that I'd fallen in love with, this is the first time I've worn it. For some reason I found it really hard to find something to pair it with. I think maybe it was the lovely weather we'd been having and I just didn't fancy wearing a shirt.

I put it with my trusty £3.99 H&M skirt today, it's not the best outfit, but I'm not really going anywhere today and I think it suffices. 

I'm surprised that it's still sunny today. I expected the sky to quickly revert back to it's usual grey colour. Luckily, despite the drop in temeprature, there's still some lovely blue sky. These picture aren't exactly the best quality. I'm not sure what I've done but the auto-focus on my camera but it decides to stop working every now and then, hence the slightly blurred photos. I'm hoping it will fix itself but I don't see that happening, my poor camera.

I think I've been doing quite well with my vow to stop spending so much money. I've not bought anything in the past week (not including food and cinema tickets), apart from my shoes for my dad's wedding which he'll be paying me back for. They weren't my first choice but I think they're the most wedding appropriate.

Although I've not actually broken up for easter yet, I feel like I have. I wasn't in uni today and I think my only day this week is going to be Thursday. I hope to spend a lot of my easter working, hello money! For those of you that are off, I hope you're enjoying it!


Every time I look at my bank balance my heart sinks. I've spent far too much money recently so I'm trying really hard to cut down. That means a lot more lusting over items and far less actually buying them. I fell in love with the ASOS elephant shirt today, I have swan one and wear it all the time, and elephants are my favourite animal. It was to hard to resist but I think I might treat myself to it in a couple of weeks. I'll probably by the shorts once it starts getting warmer, as I still have a gift card so that's not cheating. Might stick the Zara bag and Topshop shirt on my birthday list. 

I've spent the past few months searching for shoes for my Dad's wedding. I found a beautiful Zara pair but they went out of stock in a flash. These ASOS ones look really comfy, though I'm not a fan of thin heels. I'm also unsure of whether the colour would go with my dress. I might order them and try them on.

Once again, South West Trains haven't failed to disappoint. I didn't go into uni once again due to delayed trains. I did finish tomorrow's seminar paper though, so it wasn't all bad. Bar getting some work done, I've spent most of my day sat in bed, watching Gilmore Girls. I'm now halfway through series 5, so soon enough I'll be back to the start again.

Hopefully trains will be all up and running tomorrow and I'll actually make it into uni. I hope you all enjoy your weeks.


Blazer - Zara
Top - New Look
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - ASOS

I seem to have lived in this blazer since I bought it last week. I've been wearing a lot of black and white recently, which is strange as I'm really not a fan of black. I'm in love with my new shoes. The heel, the velevet, the shape, plus they seem to be quite comfy.

I made the mistake of washing my hair about an hour ago, meaning it's wet in these photos and will most likely still be wet when I go out later. I'm going to Bristol to see my best friend for the weekend, I'm very excited. It's weird her not being around all the time and I hate doing anything without her.

The weather was so beautiful yesterday, blue sky and really warm. I was a bit disappointed when I woke up today and the sky was grey.  Nice weather always puts me in such a good mood so I can't wait for spring. I don't really like summer all that much, mainly because it's always a bit of a let-down, it rains, I never do as much as I'd hoped. Whereas during spring you still have lots to look forward to and the weather is relatively nice.

I now need to sort my things out for this weekend, make sure I remember my phone charger, makeup wipes, other things I'll probably forget if I don't do it right now. Hope you all have lovely weekends.