The Little Things

At least five days a week I'll do the same drive along the cliff tops to work. At least five days a week I pay hardly an attention to my surrounding, simply stopping for pedestrians, not running red lights and making it to work on time. Then last week I came to realisation. It was no epiphany. There weren't any flashes of light or dramatic music, but for once I actually payed attention. It was 6AM, the sun was just starting to make an appearance and everything looked really beautiful.

Amidst a hectic week/month/lifetime of working extra hours, travelling to and from Bristol and interning, upon actually trying to have a life, sometimes I think I forget to appreciate the little things. I live in such a beautiful part of England, yet 90% of the time I forget. I work a two minute walk away from the beach, I live right next to a beautiful quay and I'm in driving distance of The New Forest.

Yet the last time I set foot on sand was almost a year ago, I can't remember the last time I walked across the park, and the only time I see The New Forest is on the train to Southampton. The pictures above were taken at least two year ago, which sort of solidifies my point a little.

I don't know what I'm doing in life, I might not be lucky enough to live somewhere this fantastic forever. From now on I've made it my mission to, for want of better phrase, stop and smell the roses a little more often. After all, I do really like flowers.