I'm Still Here

I feel like I've abandoned my blog lately without intention, and I really miss it. I think a combination of being super busy at work, essentially blogging at my internship and being tired all the time has set me back a little.

Apart from the beautiful weekend just gone (although I wouldn't know much about it, I was making coffee for the entirety of it) the weather just hasn't been great for outfit posts. And, if I'm honest, I've not really felt 100% with myself and haven't fancied plastering my face all over the internet as of late. I can't pinpoint why but recently I've just been feeling a lot more anxious and overthinking everything.

I really miss blogging, but I never want to publish half-hearted content, and I suppose that's exactly how I feel right now, a little half -hearted. It actually took me around three attempts to even get started with this post. In fact, this post doesn't even have much of a point to it. But, if a blog is meant to be somewhat of an online diary, then where better place to ramble on about it?

I guess this is the result of me fulfilling my urge to blog but having no 'blog-worthy' content. I'm just stuck in a rut that no amount of motivational quotes can fix.

 So just a post to say, I'm hopefully, maybe going to be back with some good things soon.