You are 'beary' nice.

Inside of the 'L is for Love' reads: 'And what is life without love?' Anyone guess the reference? Hint: Ross gets drunk and makes FAJITAS! 

Who doesn't love a good bear pun?

My messiest card, but this one was just for fun!

I've never been a fan of Valentines day, but if there's one thing I do love it's crafting things! Give me some glitter and glue and I'll be occupied for ages. So whilst I'm not Valentines' biggest advocate, I did have a lot of fun making cards for it!

Yes, I probably could do much better versions using Photoshop, but where's the fun in that!? For these I simply used blank cards, left over wrapping paper, glitter card , and some glue! I made cards for my boyfriend and best friend, as well as one for a 'secret admirer' exchange. I then just got a bit carried away and made extra.

They may look like a 7 year old made them, but I think they're cute. I need to start hand-making people cards a lot more, because I really do enjoy it.