Super Soft Lips: Lush & Dr Lipp

I'm prone to getting very dry lips, especially in winter. I searched for ages for a lip balm that would help prevent and soothe chapped lips, and eventually discovered Dr Lipp.

I'd read a few reviews on the 'nipple balm' (originally intended for breastfeeding) and decided I just had to try it out. It has been my lip saviour! Whilst £11.50 may seem a bit pricey for a lip balm, I can really vouch for this. I've had my tube for around 3 months and there still seems to be quite a bit of product left. I now go into a panic when I think I've lost it, definitely my 'holy grail' lip product.

Whilst the lip balm does a lot to help my dry lips, I needed something to buff away dry skin. This is where my Lush lip scrub comes in. Simply use a small amount to scrub your lips, then lick it off. It tastes beautiful too! 

I use the scrub, then the lip balm, then my lips are ready for even the most drying of lipsticks! These two products really help me to achieve super soft lips, even in the coldest weather.