Wish List #12

I've not done a wish list post in a while (since November if we're being exact) so I thought now might be a nice time. That, and as of tomorrow I'm putting myself on a spending ban, so I can only wish. I seem to spend so much on things I don't really need. I seem to think that having the money to buy things means that I need to buy them, which certainly is not the case. 

The Monki tunic seems to simple and easy to wear, perfect for any season. Plus everyone needs another little black dress.

I've wanted these Topshop leggings for a while, despite never actually wearing leggings myself. Seeing other bloggers in these have just fuelled the lust for them! I've managed to find the black and white pairs in store recently, but not these ones.

I saw these in Zara yesterday (pretty sure they've been around for a while though) and fell in love.

I may have slipped up on this one, and actually purchased it after making this list. I've wanted a new nude-y coloured lipstick for a while, and MAC Creme Sheen is my favourite formula.