20 Things About Me

So I kind of maybe jumped on the bandwagon here. I had to cut it down to 20, because I find it hard enough to say one thing about myself, let alone 50.

1. My initials spell out the first three letters of my first name F E R. My aim is to marry someone with a surname beginning with N.

2. I studied Journalism at Uni for a year, before deciding I hated it and left.

3. I spend my days making coffee for people.

4. I don't actually like coffee.

5. When I was 8, I wanted to own a seal sanctuary and be an author. I decided I'd work at the seal sanctuary 3 days a week. Write for 3 and have Sundays off. Where did all that ambition go?

6. I love reading, but it takes me ages to actually pick a new book to read. 

7. I hate making decisions involving other people. I'm always worried they won't like what I want to do etc etc.

8. Saying that, I'm pretty shy in general.

9. I live on the South Coast of England and I love it here.

10. If I could go back to any age I'd be 7 again.

11. I'd love to teach primary school, but I'm so awkward around children it would never work. 

12. Sometimes silence is nice. I hate it when people feel the need to talk. All. The. Time.

13. I believe most meals can be made better if you just add cheese.

14. I absolutely adore Arctic Monkeys and find it hard to find other music that I love as much.

15. I loved school. I love learning but find it hard to pick one thing I'm really interested in. Therefore school was perfect for me!

16. I took Business Studies, English Language, Photography and Textiles for A Level. The only one I enjoyed was Business Studies.

17. My favourite animals are elephants.

18. My mum is probably my best friend, and I think I had the most wonderful childhood thanks to her.

19. I've been driving for almost two years, but I have yet to drive on the motorway (I'm terrfied).

20. I think white t-shirts are possibly the best piece of clothing anyone could own, closely followed by black jeans. I think I need more colour in my life.