Happy December: Deck those halls and trim those trees.

So my third Blogmas post may be a little over due, but I have had a busy week at work. However, having the day off today mean a lot of Christmas tree decorating. Today I've put up the trees at both my mum's and dad's and have generally been in a very festive mood!

We took a trip to the garden centre this morning to pick out the tree with my Dad. Usually we spend about an hour there trying to pick the perfect one and attempting to squeeze past the numerous people there. However, this morning was very stress free. We were there for about 15 minutes at the most, and managed to find the perfect tree incredibly quickly.

I absolutely love decorating Christmas trees. We get a new tree ornament every year, one of my favourites being the moose pictured above.

The tree at my Mum's is an artificial one. I really love having one of each to be honest. It's a lot less hassle and it means it's all symmetrical and neat looking.

Have you put your trees up yet? I think I've posted enough Christmassy photos to my instagram today to last a lifetime. If you want to be inundated with christmas snaps then follow me @fernlar.