Wish List 11: All That Glitters

1. Topshop, 2. Zara, 3. H&M, 4. ASOS, 5. H&M

I'm currently sat in bed with an awful headache, sore throat and general coldyness, after a long day at work. So, to cheer myself up, I've been browsing all things sparkly. There's something about the colder months that brings out my inner magpie. Anything remotely sparkly or glittery and I need it!

1. This Topshop dress is perfect for Christmas parties. I'm not so keen on the price tag, but the sequins really do make up for that.

2. I wanted glitter loafers last year but never got round to buying any. I think this may be the year for them.

3. I definitely to pick up these earrings next time I'm in H&M. They're so tacky that they're wonderful.

4. I know it isn't actually sparkly, but this dress is beautiful. At £210 I don't see it hanging in my wardrobe any time soon. I can dream, right?

5. H&M is just so great for affordable, sparkly pieces. I need to get this bag!