Wish List #8

 1. Topshop
 2. Topshop
 3. H&M
 4. Miss  Selfridge 
My clothes in the Winter (and I suppose all year if I'm honest) are usually very bland colour wise. I find it hard to dress in anything other than grey/black/cream, and I suppose this wish list isn't much of an exception.

I really like this Topshop shirt. I've wanted a striped one for a while and there's something about the shape of this one that I really like. I'm not sure though. Is £29 too much for a plain shirt?

These boots aren't really my usual style, a bit more masculine than normal. However they look so comfy and I've been toying with the idea of of buying them for a few weeks. I have yet to try them on, so I should probably do that first.

I love this H&M skirt, and surprisingly there's some colour going on! I have yet to find it in my size though, but as soon as I do I'll be snapping it up.

This skirt is a maxi version of a midi one I loved back in the summer. I rarely shop in Miss Selfridge but occasionally I can find this nice thing.