Wish List #10 : Winter Warmers

1. Topshop  2. H&M  3. ASOS  4. Topshop

The weather has decided to turn a bit colder this past week, which is perfectly fine with me as I love the cold! There's nothing I like more than wrapping up with layers and pretty winter accessories. 

I have a love for elephants and a love for socks, so these Topshop socks are perfect. They also come in two other colours, so I think I need them all. I could probably do a whole post on socks, but I think I'll refrain from doing so.

I've already bought myself two scarves this year, but I definitely think I need to add some more to my collection.

I love these ASOS gloves. The heart cut out is so cute, plus I've never owned leather gloves before. I might need to pick them up whilst the 30% off is still on.

I'm hopefully going to do a couple more room posts this coming weekend as I finally have two days off. I've had a pretty stressful week so far, so I cannot wait for the time off.