Topshop Lipstick: Ohh La La & Rumour Has It

Ohh La La & Rumour Has It

I've been wanting to try out Tospshop lipsticks for a while, so when there was 20% off the other week I thought I may as well go for it.

Most of my lipsticks tend to be a pinky shade, none of them looking much different to the other, so here I opted for two slightly different colours. The first Ohh La La is a very orange toned lipstick. I wasn't sure whether it would actually suit me, given my hair colour and complexion, but it's actually not too bad. I'd describe it as a coral. The only problem being it seems to dry out my lips a bit. It may just be the time of year and the fact that my lips have been pretty dry recently anyway.

The second, Rumour Has It,  is a little closer to colours I'd usually wear. It comes out as a sort of dusty pink colour. It's not as pigmented as Ohh La La and the formula is a little 'shinier'. I thought I'd prefer this out of the two I picked, but there's something about it that I don't quite love. The swatch of it has come out a bit browner than it does on the lips too. It's still a nice shade, but there's no 'wow factor'.