My Bedroom: Drawers

Perfumes, lotions and other beauty bits. 

A small selection of my nail polish collection.

A basket full of bits and bobs, makeup brushes, cotton wool storage etc.

Espresso cup full of hair grips!

The arrival of my nail polish storage this morning, inspired me to have a bit of a tidy of my dressing table area. It's still pretty cluttered, but it was a lot messier before! I don't actually keep any of my makeup here (a post on that another time), one - because I switch between houses a lot and two - because I keep it somewhere else. So this is where the rest of my beauty products/things that don't have another home live.

I got so excited when my nail polish stand arrived. I now have all my favourite polishes in there. The second row consists of beautiful sparkly ones (my favourite!). Though when arranging them, I realised I'm in desperate need of a nice red colour. Yes that's right. Desperate.

I really enjoy nosey posts like this, so if you've done anything similar let me know!

I'm planning on doing ones showing my bookcase, makeup area, clothes rail etc soon.