Cream & Leather

Jeans - Topshop

I've been after a cream leather jacket for quite a while now. I love the black ones that are around, but for some reason they just don't look right on me. Finding the perfect cream one was pretty hard, considering there's just not as many in cream as there are in black. 

Fortunately I stumbled across this one in French Connection a couple of weeks ago. I never really go in there, but my mum and I were walking past and thought we'd have a look. 

This jacket is so so soft and the silky inside makes it even better! Plus there was 20% off for students, so I couldn't say no really. The sleeves are a bit long on me, hence having to roll them up. I also have a thing about sleeves not quite meeting my wrists. This means that come winter my wrists are always a bit chilly. It's not the cheapest of jackets but it goes with pretty much everything. I think I've worn it most days since I bought it.

Have you seen any other nice cream leather jackets?