A dream is a wish your heart makes.

It's typical, as soon as I get the urge to do some outfit posts again, it turns out I've left my camera in Winchester. I'm back home again as it's now official. I am no longer a student. To coincide with this massive change in my life, I though I'd give my blog a bit of a change too, because let's face it, I can never keep it the same for long.

With the absence of my camera, a lot of spare time and a mind running with thoughts, this post is dedicated to things that cheer me up. I've spent the last few weeks going through old photos etc, and my ones from Disneyland last November never fail to cheer me up. I'm a firm believer that you're never too old for a bit of magic, especially Disney related magic. Despite it being incredibly busy and absolutely freezing when I went last year, it was so magical, especially so close to Christmas.

Right now I'm not too sure where I stand with my job. I have work on Sunday though covering for someone, so I'm alright for the next couple of days. I really hope everything sorts itself out swiftly. I've not even started to think about the whole house situation that needs sorting. I'll add that to my list and hopefully make a start tomorrow.