Wishlist #5 - Knitwear

 1. Topshop
 2. River Island
 3. Topshop
 4. Whistles @ ASOS
Given the fact that the sun has decided to come out this past week, maybe knitwear shouldn't be on the top of my wish list. However, as soon as September strikes my mind is in full Autumn/Winter mode, and one of my favourite things to buy for A/W is knit wear!

I absolutely love the Topshop jumpers. The first one is similar to one I coveted last year, but sadly never bought. The Whistles one, whilst being incredibly expensive and unattainable, just looks so classic and cosy.

Whilst it's nice to have the sun around, because let's face it, it'll probably be the last time for a while, I just can't wait to be able to buy and wear wonderful knitwear again.