Wish List #7 - The Cheer Me Up Edition

1. Play.com  2. Whittards  3. Boux Avenue  4. Topshop

My Wish List this week is a little different to usual. If you've ready my last post, you'll know that I've been trying to make some tough decisions the past week or so. Therefore this week's list consists of things I'd like to cheer me up a bit.

It's currently buy one get one free on Disney DVDs. This Winnie the Pooh collection is essential, especially since by VHS player broke and I can no longer watch the Tigger Movie.

I've been meaning to buy this hot chocolate for a couple of weeks now. I tried it at work the other week and it was so good. I'm not usually a white chocolate or hot chocolate fan, but this was delicious!

The slippers and jumper just look so cosy, and who doesn't like being cosy? Plus the slippers are very Charlotte Olympia-esque, so they're pretty hard to resist really.

I'd also quickly like to thank everyone for the comments on my last post (I'll get round to replying soon). It means so much when people take the time to really read personal posts and give advice. I think I've come to a decision now, I just need to work up the courage to set all the wheels in motion. I'm nervous but hopefully it'll all turn out for the best.