Wish List #6

  1. Zara Shirt
  2. Topshop Shoes
  3. Mango Coat
  4. ASOS Trousers

This wishlist has a sort of 'back to school' feel about it, which is suppose is very fitting since I'll be back at uni very soon. I absolutely love the Zara shirt, it has a flower print with the names of the flowers and it's just so cute. It remind me something that a gardener might wear, but I still love it.

I've thought the Topshop shoes are really cute for a while now, plus I think they'd look great with all types of clothing. Plus if I popped some frilly socks on I could really pretend I was going back to school. Oh to be seven again.

I found this coat when Yvet posted about it. I think it's the perfect Autumn coat, a great colour and not too fancy.

The last piece of my wishlist is these ASOS trousers. I've wanted them for a while but they went out of stock in my size and they have yet to be re-stocked. As soon as they're back I'll be snatching them up! I have a similar pair in brown, but sadly they're now too small for me.

Tomorrow is my last shift at work, and as much as I complain about it, I'm really going to miss it. People are coming in for trial shifts soon and it's making me all sad about leaving. I don't want anyone else to have my job!