Skirt - Zara
  Bikini Top - H&M
  Sunglasses - H&M

So on Friday, I felt a bit like a mermaid. It was sunny, I was slightly hungover, and I fell asleep in my garden. All whilst wearing what I shall now call my mermaid outfit. I love the paisley print of this bikini top, so it's nice when the weather is good enough to actually wear it. My mum bought be this Zara skirt a few weeks ago and I think the colour is really lovely.

I've spent the past few days working. I really need to start saving my wages properly now, as I move out in just over a month. Scary!

I'm now off to the pub for a bit, before I come home to a well deserved sleep. I don't start work until 2 tomorrow, so I plan on having a bit of a tidy and sorting out some blog posts. I hope you all had lovely weekends.