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I feel like I've been very behind with my blog recently, and for that I apologise. I'm not entirely sure what it is I've been busy doing that has detracted from my posting, but it must have been something. In the past week I've thought a lot about going back to uni, eaten a lot of doughnuts and got glasses. I went to pick them up today and I'm really not sure. I only need them for close up things, but they give me a bit of a headache. Slightly ironic since I got them because of my headaches. Hopefully I'll get used to them. 

I have a post about my summer reading list lined up, plus I hope to do a couple more outfit posts soon. I have four days off work starting today so I hope to make the most of them. I'm off to London on Thursday for some museum trawling with my best friend. 

I hope you all have enjoyable weeks.