Hair Envy: Blake Lively

I'm not usually one to be particularly envious of celebrities. In my eyes, they're just people. However, this post was inspired by Temporary Secretary, who posed the question 'Which celebrity hair style do you envy the most?' in one of her posts.

I didn't even have to think when answering this. Blake Lively popped into my head immediately, and so this post was born. It's probably the many many hours of my life I spend watching Gossip Girl, but I find myself coveting her beautiful hair daily. It looks healthy, it's a wonderful colour, and it's the perfect length. It looks great up or down.

I'm actually more of a Leighton Meester/Blair Waldorf fan, but there's something about Lively's gorgeous locks that bring out the jealousy in me. Whether she's strutting around New York as one of 'Manhattan's Elite' and one fourth of the 'non-judging breakfast club' (yes I could go into a long ramble on my Gossip Girl views), attending events, or simply just hanging out, I think she has the perfect hair. So perfect, it warranted whole blog post dedicated to it.