Waves and Weddings

I had the day off work on Sunday. I'd initially planned on spending it sat in bed watching Gossip Girl, but my step-dad decided to change my plans. A couple of months ago he bought a boat and both my Mum and I have refused to go out on it. However, I did promise that I'd go on it once, and Sunday turned out to be this 'once'.

Now to clairfy, I'm not a very 'outdoorsy' person. Despite the fact that I live by the beach, the sea actually scares me. I'm not the best of swimmers and rocks and seaweed just freak me out a bit. Regardless of this, I got in the boat and we headed off. It wasn't too bad, I even stopped to take some pictures (see the beach huts above).

Just as everything seemed to be going along swimmingly (pardon the pun), the sea got a bit choppy. This resulted in a sizeable wave hitting the nose of the boat and drenching us. We then spent the drive back very cold, and very miserable. Safe to say I won't be going on the boat again.

Photos by Nick Rutter

In other news we finally got the photos back from my dad's wedding. The photographer was great and there's some really lovely photos. The ones of the little kids are so sweet. To be honest there aren't a lot of me that I'm too keen on, but none are awful and everyone looks lovely, so I'll live. I'm not sure which ones we'll be getting prints of, but this is one my favourites (my dad's family).

You can also see I've got a new layout. I was all set on trying to code my own one myself, but I ended up using this pre-made template by Pugly Pixel. I'm so indecisive that I feel the need to change everything all the time. I'm happy for now though. I think.