Wardrobe Staples #2 - Denim Jacket

  Left to Right
  Topshop - £40
  New Look - £17.99
  ASOS - £38
Number two on my list of 'wardrobe staples' is the denim jacket. It's always tricky in England. Once winter is over, it's too warm for coats, but too cold go bare armed. The denimm jacket is great for beating this problem.

I hate to say that I didn't actually own one until this beginning of this year, but since then it has been an outfit saver! Mine only cost me around £15 from New Look, and whilst it's not the best or the prettiest, it does the job.

I love the style of the ASOS one I posted, the slouchier, boyfriend style looks really comfy. Not to mention it would fit over layers in chillier weather.