New House

  Top - New Look
  Skirt - H&M
  Jacket - New Look
  Boots - Topshop
This is probably my go to 'it's raining and I don't know what to put on' outfit. Although I must say, as pretty as the boots look, they really hurt my feet. I wore it yesterday to go an collect the keys for my new house. I can't quite believe I'll be moving out in September. It's really exciting.

I think I'm going to pop up to Winchester tomorrow evening. Move my kitchen things and duvet etc in so it's all ready for when I move in. My bed is rather large and takes up a lot of my room, unfortunately though, I don't have a lot of storage space. There's no bookcase, and not a lot of room for one. I'm not sure where my poor books and DVDs are going to live!

If anyone's interested, here's a couple of pictures. I plan on making it look pretty soon!