I'm Home!

After spending 5 days in glorious sunshine with the best people, I am finally home. We spent a week camping in Newquay and I really did have the best time. I'm not a camping person, but I surprisingly didn't find myself hating living in a tent. I think the wonderful weather had something to do with it, if it had rained I may have felt a little differently.

I have a distinct lack of photos from my trip sadly. I didn't want to take my camera so I'm left with iPhone photos and a couple of pictures taken on my tiny little camera. There wasn't really a lot of time for photo taking to be honest. We went to the beach, ate cornish pasties, got very sunburnt and just had a great time really. We couldn't have been luckier with the weather, the sun was shining ever single day. It's only now that I'm back home that it seems to be taking a turn. It's a shame, I still have so many summer clothes that need wearing.

I'd definitely recommend Newquay. I'm not one for English holidays but it felt a bit like we were abroad anyway. I can't believe I'm starting to miss sleeping in a tent.