Camping Time

  Outfit 1: Top - H&M   Shorts - Zara
  Outfit 2: Top - H&M   Skirt - Zara
  Outfit 3: Top - New   Look Skirt - H&M
  Outfit 4: Top -   Topshop Shorts - H&M
So as of Monday, I'm off to Newquay for five days. We're camping. When it comes to packing, I think I'm a bit obsessive. I make lists and plan outfits weeks in advance, then when it comes to actually packing, I don't stick to any of it. However, in order to save space in my friend's car, I've tried to limit the amount of clothes I take. I'm packing in the mindset that it will rain, so all outfits I've taken also come with tights and socks ready for downpours.

I do have some hope though, and I've packed a few outfits that I could wear if the sun decided to make an appearance. I'll say now, that I am not a camper. None of my clothes are really camping appropriate. I just want to take my blazers, but sadly they'll have to stay at home. I do keep questioning why we didn't book a holiday to somewhere beautifully sunny, but never mind, maybe next year.