Wish List #1

I spend so much time online browsing, that I thought it only made sense to start doing wish list posts. I've had my eye on the ASOS scalloped collar shirt for a while, the only thing that has put me off buying it is the colour. Whilst it looks lovely on the model, I'm not sure whether it would work on me. I came across the ASOS boots today, and at £38 I don't think they're too pricey either. I might have to consider these, maybe next time they have an extra student discount offer. 

I noticed the Zara items whilst having a post holiday browse today. Whilst I really do not need another pair of heels, I couldn't help but fall in love with these. I saw the skirt in store before I went on holiday, didn't buy it, then regretted it the week I was away.

I'm also planning on re-designing my blog a bit, but I'm lazy and indecisive so it may look a bit all over the place for a bit.

What are you wanting lately?