What's in my bag?

  Bag from Zara
  Bottle of Water.
  Zara clutch bag.
  Coin purse, a gift from Italy from my Dad.
  H&M Sunglasses.
  Jergens hand cream.
  Hair bands.
  Topshop Purse
I did one of these posts a few months back. Unfortunately for some reason lots of the images on my blog disappeared, so that post no longer exists. Although these posts might seem a bit boring, I quite enjoying reading other people's, so I thought I'd do another one.

Yes, I have that Zara bag that's ever so popular in the blogging world. I actually saw it in store, then less than a day later saw it all over people's blogs. It is such a great bag for a great price though!

There appears to be a lot of bags within bags here. I actually use a small clutch bag inside my bag to keep small things and I'm awful at losing my car keys (which I actually forgot to picture). The hand cream, hair bands, sunglasses and my phone are also kept in this bag. I also have two purses. The pink one was a gift my Dad bought back from Italy last week, I think it's really cute. I always have a bottle of water with me. And finally, my iPod.

If anyone else has done bag posts link me! I love reading them, I'm just really nosy.