Weddings and Weeks Away

Table plan. Wedding nails. Pic n Mix. Me & Pete. 'Best Man' Present. Flowers.
Packing. Sun. Sunglasses. Boats. Champagne. Sangria.

I apologise for the Instagram post, but I wanted to post about my Dad's wedding and my holiday, and the only photos I have are those from my phone. That's what I get for not taking my camera away with me. The top 6 photos are from my Dad's wedding which as a really lovely day. The beautiful table plan was done by my aunt, I was so impressed with it. Despite it absolutely tipping it down most of the day, it turned out to be a really nice wedding. There was also a lot (and I mean a lot, see the pic n mix photo) of food, I went home feeling very very full up.

 I then went to Portugal for a week with my Mum and Step-Dad. On the last few nights we had some lovely champagne cocktails. I think I've developed a taste for champagne recently, which isn't good. I couldn't have developed a taste for something cheaper? t do like holidays. I enjoy the sun and nice weather, as well as not having to do anything. However, I always really really look forward to coming home. I don't have work again now until Thursday and I'm not really sure what to do with myself if I'm honest. I hope I didn't miss too much whilst I was away!