Friday. On Monday..

  Blazer - Topshop
  Top - H&M
  Jeans - Zara
  Boots - Topshop
Just a few days late, but this is last Friday's outfit. I bought the blazer in the topshop sale, and whilst I usually avoid sales (I tend to buy things I don't need or want), I'm pretty pleased with it.
I've spent the past few days feeling pretty ill. I've had a cold of some sorts but today I feel awful and I can't hear properly. Fingers crossed I feel better for work tomorrow.

Today I went shopping for things for September. I love how Tesco has everything you could ever need. I came home with lots of plates, cups, pillows, pans, and £80 poorer. It's now less than a month until we get they keys, and I've already paid my first months rent. I'm really quite excited but this all feels a bit too grown up for me. Three months and I'll no longer be living at home!

Apart from a trip to Tesco I've spent my couple of days off work watching Gossip Girl and feeling sorry for myself. I've just this minute finished series 3, so I'll be onto series 4 this evening. I've also decided to treat myself to some OC box sets soon as I've always wanted to get into that. Any other box sets I should buy myself? I'm trying to stock up for when I move out and get lonely.