Florals on White

  Shirt - H&M
  Shorts - H&M
  Blazer - Zara
  Shoes - ASOS
  Necklace - H&M
I never usually have time to blog at the weekend due to work, but I didn't start 'til 2 today, so I thought I'd take some outfit photos. I love this blazer and I'm really glad I bought it, even if it did cost me £50. I also really like my H&M shirt but it does that gaping thing at the front where the buttons are. It's also a bit too long for my liking, hence why I've only worn it with high waisted things. My final complaint is that as it's so see through, tucking it in to make it shorter doesn't really work as it folds over and you can see. But other than that, I love it!!(Sorry shirt).

My shorts aren't the most flattering, but they're definitely my favourite. I bought them last year from H&M and they're just so comfy and a great length. I'm hoping they'll last me for years to come.

I feel so short in all of my outfit posts, especially ones involving shorts or jeans. I have the shortest legs and it is so irritating. What I'd give for nice long legs.

I've not really done much of interest this past week, apart from Wagamama on Thursday which was the best. It's my mum's birthday tomorrow so we're going to this new Mexican restaurant which should be yummy. I get so excited about food. In fact, there's a roast dinner cooking right now which I cannot wait for!