Run of the Mill

Too much Gossip Girl, Best Man Dress, Wagamama! Glitter Nails, Beach Outfit, Zara Blazer, Beach, 50s Skirt, My hour of sun.

Just a quick run of the mill Instagram post. I actually started this yesterday, then got very distracted by the aforementioned Gossip Girl. I'm planning on getting another outfit post done today before work. Only 4 more days, then my dad's wedding, the holiday finally!
I have my final dress fitting tomorrow, which I actually have to leave work and then go back in order to make it. I really do love my dress, though I'm starting to go off my shoes a bit. They really aren't the comfiest. 

Although we've had some truly glorious weather the past week, I really haven't had the chance to enjoy the majority of it. Unless staring at it through the windows at work counts? I did have a lovely evening down the beach with my friends on Saturday. We rarely all get to see each other any more, but when we do it's great.

I'm trying to decide on books to take away with me. Any recommendations would be great! I'll read anything really. Though I enjoy comedies.