Early Birthday

I'm currently typing this post from my shiny new MacBook Pro. It's an early birthday present. My birthday isn't actually until Sunday but we were at Westfield yesterday so thought we may as well get it then, to save another trip to an Apple store.

It's so lovely, though I've already made so many typos, it's always hard getting used to a different keyboard. My only problem is that I get far too easily attached to inanimate objects. I feel really sorry for my old laptop (pictured in the background of the photo) that I've been using both this morning. It's ok, because soon it'll go and spend the rest of its life with Pete.

This was really my only proper purchase from yesterday. I went out with the intention of finding something wonderful to wear for my birthday but that didn't really happen. I've got a cold at the moment so I wasn't feeling my best, and the one skirt I wanted (this Mango one) wasn't in my size. I'm very tempted to buy it online, but it probably won't arrive on time, and I did get another dress I can wear.

I've actually started my uni assignment now, though it really isn't going well. In my month off I've definitely forgotten how to write an essay and form a coherent sentence. I also have a lot of revision to do.  I'm meant to be getting all done today, but I feel awful and I have work in two hour so it may have to wait until this evening and Friday. I obviously can't be doing any work over my birthday!

I really hope my cold disappears soon because my eyes watering all the time and a red nose is not a good look.

Also, for some reason lots of the images on my blog have disappeared. I don't know why exactly but I'll work on getting them back once I've transferred all my images to my macbook.