Sunny Blur

Jacket - H&M
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Topshop

These should hopefully be the last of the blurry outfit pictures. I bought myself a new camera lens yesterday and I'm praying it's the lens that is the issue, I definitely can't afford for it to be the camera! It's surprisingly sunny today, a little windy, but sunny. I'm making the most of it by going bare legged. 

I'm popping into Bournemouth in a bit as I desperately need new work shoes. My friends go back to uni this weekend to soon I'll have to revert back to being sad and lonely. I'm working 5 days in a row next week which I don't think is going to agree with me somehow! I also need to squeeze in some revision and do my assignment, which happens to be in the day after my birthday. I can't believe I'm nearly 19, in some ways I still feel about 7 (I bought myself Disney monopoly the other and am so excited!), and in other ways I feel too old. I'm looking forward to it though, my best friend will be coming home for it, and I'll finally get my mac book. 

I now need to finish getting ready, before getting some petrol and going to pick my friends up. Heres hoping my legs don't get too cold! What have you guys got planned for this week?