Review: Tangle Teezer

When I first heard about Tangle Teezers I was quite intrigued. I have notoriously knotty hair and anything that can calm it is great in my eyes. Athough they came to my attention ages ago, I only recently got round to purchasing one whilst I was placing an ASOS order. I don't brush my hair often. It's naturally curly, and I find that if I brush it, the curls just disappear and it goes somewhat fluffy. However, I tend to always brush it before washing, then comb afterwards.

When I used the Tangle Teezer on dry hair I got the same result as if I'd used a normal brush, quite fluffy and not curly. However, I instantly noticed that it was virtually pain free. I've not gone a day where the prospect of brushing my hair has been followed by dread an pain. This was amazing. I then used it again on wet hair, and although it still gets caught on knots, the lack of pain makes it to much easier to de-tangle.

The design of this is also great (though they remind me slightly of the pringle pop boxes you used to get?). They fit nicely in the hand and there's a selection of colours. I opted for the bright pink but there's glittery ones and even a flower shaped one!

I'd definitely recommend these, even just for the pain free brushing. My Tangle Teezer cost me £10 from ASOS but they're available from a variety of places, including the Tangle Teezer website. I hope that my Tangle Teezer will turn brushing my hair from a chore into a pleasure.