Office Wear

Oops everything appears to be from zara and asos.

There's something I just can't resist about smart, office-type, clothing. The tailored blazers, pencil skirts and smart trousers all make me want to go and work in an office and photo-copy things all day. Whilst lilac pencil skirts and candy pink shoes probably aren't acceptable in your every day company, I think that adding a bit of colour to more formal clothing can make it really fun. For example, imagine the pastel blue trousers teamed with pink courts shoes and a cream blazer. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd love it. For something a little more conventional, see the bottom right option from Zara.

Every now and then, when I'm browsing in shops or online, trousers and pencil skirts will catch my eye and I'll wish that there was a place for them in my every day wardrobe. Just one day I'd like a job in which I can wear wonderfully tailored items. Until then my Costa uniform will just have to suffice.