Skirt - Miss Selfridge
T-shirt - New Look
Boots - New Look

Ok, not exactly a zebra, but I'm black and white an stripey (sounds like a penguin joke). This skirt was another £7 one from Miss Selfridge. I rarely shop there, but I've found some great things in their sale recently (this dress & this skirt). I seem to have bought a lot of midi/maxi skirts recently, I never thought I could pull them off as I'm so short, but I decide to just go for it. I'm not sure where the sun has gone today,  I was really hoping for another lovely day, but it's very disappointingly grey. 

I got my first assignment back yesterday. I'm not exactly thrilled with it, but I passed, and got a 2:2 (nearly a 2:1) so I think I'll live. It was for my media module which I cannot stand. To be honest I don't like a lot of my course at the moment and I keep questioning whether I'm doing the right thing. The problem is I'm so indecisive that whatever I did, I'd feel it was wrong. I just don't seem to have a passion for anything (apart from buying things, and that's not good).

I've been trying to think of other things to post about on here. Whilst outfit posts are all very nice, they can sometimes get a bit repetitive when there's no much else. What else would people like to see?

Also, I've been thinking of changing the blog name from Oh Lovely to Illuminations. Illuminations coming from the lyric 'Illuminations on a rainy day' from Reckless Serenade by Arctic Monkeys. I'm bored of Oh Lovely, it sounds a bit too cute, and I wanted an AM references without it being too obvious. So yes/no?