Every time I look at my bank balance my heart sinks. I've spent far too much money recently so I'm trying really hard to cut down. That means a lot more lusting over items and far less actually buying them. I fell in love with the ASOS elephant shirt today, I have swan one and wear it all the time, and elephants are my favourite animal. It was to hard to resist but I think I might treat myself to it in a couple of weeks. I'll probably by the shorts once it starts getting warmer, as I still have a gift card so that's not cheating. Might stick the Zara bag and Topshop shirt on my birthday list. 

I've spent the past few months searching for shoes for my Dad's wedding. I found a beautiful Zara pair but they went out of stock in a flash. These ASOS ones look really comfy, though I'm not a fan of thin heels. I'm also unsure of whether the colour would go with my dress. I might order them and try them on.

Once again, South West Trains haven't failed to disappoint. I didn't go into uni once again due to delayed trains. I did finish tomorrow's seminar paper though, so it wasn't all bad. Bar getting some work done, I've spent most of my day sat in bed, watching Gilmore Girls. I'm now halfway through series 5, so soon enough I'll be back to the start again.

Hopefully trains will be all up and running tomorrow and I'll actually make it into uni. I hope you all enjoy your weeks.