Today's Purchases

I went out today with the intention of getting my train pass for uni and my new foundation. I did succeed on both these things, but I also came home with a bit more than I'd planned on. First and foremost, I got another pair of my favourite New Look boots. They're from the kid's section and they really are the comfiest boots ever, so I thought I'd get another pair just in case they ever stop selling them. The heel height is great as they can be worn every day, but are also just high enough to wear when you want heels (but also to be comfy). I also picked up a couple of vests and a grey cardigan in New Look. I'm not usually a New Look fan but I had a gift card and quite liked these.

The jeans and white hexagon t-shirt are from Zara. My current favourite pair of jeans are from Zara and these are the same style, and at £12.99 I thought why not, plus the lighter wash will be nice for Spring/Summer.

I got my new Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation too. It cost me £36 which is over double the price I'd usually pay for any foundation, but I fell in love with the samples I was given and couldn't resist. So far I'm not disappointed, though I've only had it on for about an hour. I don't have the best skin but it really does make it feel nice, it's not too dry nor too oily. Ignore my wonky eyebrows please, for some unknown reason I have on higher than the over. I'm hoping it's worth the money.