Post Christmas Blues

Yet another post full of Christmas pictures. I can't believe that Christmas day was three days ago now, it went to quickly. I always get so excited for it, then once it's over I'm really sad. I did have a lovely day though and got some very nice presents. I only photographed my diary (courtesy of Pete) and my Winnie the Pooh mug, which has a great poem on it. I also got Harry Potter 1-8 which I'm very excited to start watching. I figured I'd do another post with any clothes I got later on.

I've been at work all day today, and whilst I love working at Costa, I really am so tired all the time. It's a shock going from working 3/4 hours twice a week to 8 or 9 hour shifts three time a week. I've not checked my bank balance in a while though, so hopefully the next time I do I'll have money.

I've not attempted any January sales yet. To be honest, I'm not really a fan. They're nice if you can find something great, but usually I end up buying stuff for the sake of it. The only sales I love are underwear sales, but this year I've not really seen anything in my size. I'll probably go out towards the end of the week and have a look, see if there's anything nice. Or, knowing me, end up buying full priced items before the whole of the new season's stock is even out.