Merry Costa

So I had my first shift at Costa today and getting up only half an our later than I do for uni did not agree with me. The days actually went really quickly though and I quite enjoyed it. The shop isn't actually open until Monday so we were unpacking boxes, cleaning and training. So far I've attempted cappuccinos, lattes, americanos and espressos. I can't say I'm as expert yet, but give me time. I'm also now the proud owner of four shirts (all slightly too big) and five very very long aprons.

I start properly on Wednesday, 2-7, then Saturdays and Sundays 9-5. I sense that I'm going to be even sleepier than I am already. I am looking forward to working again though, five weeks without work just didn't do it for me. Plus I'll be making a lot more than my previous job, might be able to get people some decent presents!

Speaking of presents I've done a bit of online shopping already. I'm by no means done, by I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Plus buying online mean I can avoid the awful awful crowds in 'real life' shopping. Also without my Wednesdays off I won't even have the time to go out.

I'm currently spending my evening watching Olly Murs's X Factor performances on youtube. I've not watched any of this year's and I happened to walk into the lounge and it was on. I did turn it off within 2 minutes after watching a bit of the lovely Dermot. I have a test on Monday so I should probably get some revision in for that soon. I also need to read my notes I took at training today so I remember a bit for Wednesday.

Have nice Saturday evenings, though mine is incredibly boring.