Christmas Eve Eve

I've not blogged in ages. Well just over two weeks, but it feels like ages. Although I've not done anything particularly interesting I just seem to have been quite busy, what with work and exams at uni. I'm so glad to be off for Christmas now for just under a month!

Monday I popped out and picked up a lovely Father Christmas teapot and plates. I also got a cake stand but didn't take a picture.

I now have my best friend back for Christmas and Wednesday I went out with all my friends for a Christmas meal. I say Christmas, we went to the Harvester and to be honest, I don't remember how good my food was because the alcohol seemed to take over.

I've had a particularly stressful morning today. I planned on spending the day watching Christmas films and tidying up a bit ready for Christmas. However, this all went out the window as I got a call from work asking me to go in. After having agreed to this I then found out that my step-dad has gone into hospital with appendicitis. I really really hope he's out by Christmas as I want my mum to have a nice day!

I was planning on getting an outfit post done today but seeing as my nice relaxing day seems to have been taken over, it'll have to wait until after Christmas. Maybe if I have the time I'll make a Christmas day post. If not, have lovely Christmases everyone!