17 Magnetized Nail Polish

Last week my mum came home with this Magnetized Nail Polish by 17. These have small magnets on the lids and the polish contains magnetic particles. You hover the magnet over the nail (whilst still wet) and the particles spread leaving you with a nice effect. I bought the teal one first, and I really liked the effect of that, so decided to invest in the purple. To be honest I think the teal looks a lot better than the purple,k and I have yet to try the silver or blue colours. I put a coat of Barry M glitter polish over it, and it turned out to be very chip resistant, lasting me about 4 days before starting to chip. 
I just took a quick picture to demonstrate both colours, but like I say, I'd definitely recommend the teal.

And a webcam picture of the teal when I'd first applied it.