I've been quite busy the past week. I've now started uni, which so far seems good, though having only spent about 4 hours there so far, I don't actually know. The commute has been a lot quicker that I expected. The 50 minutes or so on the train seems to fly by.

Although I really really need to stop spending money, I may have accidentally bought a blouse yesterday. It's from Jane Norman, and as a rule I usually hate Jane Norman. However my friend was looking for a dress for her 19th and we ended up going in there. I was quite pleasently surprised with some of the clothes in there.

Whilst I'd never actually pay the original price of around £35 for this, at £17.50 in sale I decided to just go for it. It wasn't until I got it home that I realised it's quite similar to a dress I got only a few days before. The colour and the collar at least anyway.