Things I Like: Mugs (and cups)

It's no secret, if you follow my instagram anyway, that I am a big fan of mugs. In fact up until recently, I wasn't aware you could get a 'mug fan', but you can, and one looks like me.

In the past few months I seem to have accumulated at least 8 new mugs, and these aren't communal mugs. No. These are mugs that sit on a unit that is now solely dedicated to my mug collection. Considering I still live it home, and there's already a cupboard full of perfectly nice, attractive mugs, my collection may seem a little excessive. 

It's not just limited to mugs. I think I've started to branch out into glassware too. The beautiful coloured glasses pictured come from Tesco. At £1 each and four more colours not in my possession, I'm not going to stop until I have them all.

Good news. When I eventually do move out, I definitely won't want for something to drink out of.

It's not just the mugs that you can see here. As I type I am currently drinking tea from a Tangled mug, a heart covered mug sits waiting to be washed up, and a couple more are sat in the dishwasher. I need to be stopped.

I'm Fern and I'm a mugaholic. 

Mugs in order of appearance: Initial Mug - Gifts & Pieces, Princess Mug - Tesco, Beatrix Potter Mugs - TX Maxx, Teacup - Topshop, Ariel Mug - Disney Store, Owl & Pussy Cat Mugs - Gift, Face Mug - Oliver Bonas 

The Re-Reads #1

Whilst there's few things better than getting stuck into a new book, a lot of the time I tend to re-read old favourites of mine. Maybe it's because I like knowing how things are going to turn out, I'm not the biggest fan of change, and I really don't like the 'bad bits' (forever fast forwarding past the bad bits in films). There's something comforting about picking up something I know I'll love.

The past couple of weeks I've been super tired, so opted for reading things that I don't have to pay too much attention to.

First off I picked up Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. I first read this a good five or six years ago and loved it. The fact that it's all complied of letters makes it a pretty easy read, but a fantastic one at that!

Next up, after having re-watched Catching Fire numerous times since it's DVD release, I decided to re-read the last two in the trilogy. For reasons I can't quite explain. I read Mockingjay first, then went back and read Catching Fire.

There's something about he Hunger Games books that I love. Whilst they're incredibly easy reads, I can't help but be super interested in the whole futuristic world and city of Panem. It fascinates me. Whether it's reminding myself about what each districts trade was, or finding out a little more about each of the tributes. I really enjoyed re-reading these two books, and I really really enjoyed every scene involving Gale.

What books can you read over and over again?

I'm Still Here

I feel like I've abandoned my blog lately without intention, and I really miss it. I think a combination of being super busy at work, essentially blogging at my internship and being tired all the time has set me back a little.

Apart from the beautiful weekend just gone (although I wouldn't know much about it, I was making coffee for the entirety of it) the weather just hasn't been great for outfit posts. And, if I'm honest, I've not really felt 100% with myself and haven't fancied plastering my face all over the internet as of late. I can't pinpoint why but recently I've just been feeling a lot more anxious and overthinking everything.

I really miss blogging, but I never want to publish half-hearted content, and I suppose that's exactly how I feel right now, a little half -hearted. It actually took me around three attempts to even get started with this post. In fact, this post doesn't even have much of a point to it. But, if a blog is meant to be somewhat of an online diary, then where better place to ramble on about it?

I guess this is the result of me fulfilling my urge to blog but having no 'blog-worthy' content. I'm just stuck in a rut that no amount of motivational quotes can fix.

 So just a post to say, I'm hopefully, maybe going to be back with some good things soon.

I've Been Reading - The Confusion of Karen Carpenter by Jonathan Harvey

This is one of the many books recommended to me by my mum, who has perfect taste in books, so I knew it was going to be a good one.

The story centres around Karen Carpenter (no not the 70s pop star, as she mentions multiple times throughout) but a thirty-something teacher from Liverpool, living in London. It transpired at the begining of the book that her long-term boyfriend Michael left her just before Christmas. And, not only did he leave her, but he did it via post-it note in true SATC Jack Burger style.

We meet Karen's mum, loud, interfering and convinced there's rats in the attic and Karen's best friend Wendy. There's also various teacher associates including Meredith, P.E teacher, housemate and according to Karen's mum a 'lebian' and head of department and serial swinger Mungo.

There's the occasional flashback to Karen and Michael's past, but the lingering question is 'Why did Michael leave?' Karen wants answers, yet won't even return the phone calls from Michael's mother.

I'd definitely say give this book a whirl if you're up for a good humorous read. Also check out Jonathan Harvey's debut novel, All She Wants. I read it in the space of two days a couple of years back, when sad and alone and uni and it really cheered me up.

Blogger Love Tag

I love to share a little blog love once in a while. When I saw the lovely Annabel pop this tag up on her blog, I just knew I'd have to give it a go! It actually took me a lot longer than expected to answer all the questions, apparently my mind goes blank when put on the spot.
What was the first blog you ever came across?
I've been reading blogs for ages and I remember coming across quite a few via tumblr too, but the first that spring to mind are probably Lily Melrose and Wish Wish Wish.

Favourite blog reads 
What Olivia Did, Charlotte's Web, The Briar Rose, Lisette Loves, Hannah Maggs

Best blogging friend
Im awful when it comes to actually making proper friends, although I chat to lots of lovely bloggers via twitter. I've known Shabna and Philippa for a long time and Joyce has started blogging recently too.

Name a blog that enables your purchases
Definitely Gh0stparties for beauty related purchases, and definitely trust Jenny Purr for any blemish banishing products. Clothing wise definitely Jazmine from Jazzabelle's Diary.

5 blogs everyone should be reading 
Only 5? Love Cloth, The Dust On the Ground, Vivatramp, It's Cohen, Nouvelle Daily

Your favourite way to read blogs
I follow blogs via bloglovin' but I'm most likely to read a post when the link pops up on twitter.

Bloggers that inspire you
Tori is one of the loveliest bloggers I've come across and Lisette is incredibly inspiring with her Thankful Thursday posts and general positive attitude.

Favourite blog design/look
I'm a big fan of quite minimal looks (yet for some reason I chose to move away from all white?) so The Private Life of a Girl has to be up there. I also love A Rosie Outlook, such a pretty design. I can picture so many lovely ones in my head but can't think who they belong to now, as is the way.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I think there's a really lovely sense of community (for the most part). I also love getting a feel for people's personalities through their posts, which is probably why I enjoy reading chatty/lifestyle blogs the most. I also love to write, and blogging is a pretty open platform for that. Without my blog I wouldn't have had the opportunity to contribute to Nouvelle and, without Nouvelle, I probably wouldn't have got my internship.

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future
I'm not actually sure to be quite honest, though I'm sure one will come to me after this is actually published. Is it totally wrong to say myself. It's one thing I've always wanted to do, and I have so many ideas that I just never put into practice.