Things From March

March has been an interesting month. I saw it in with scrambled egg and friends at Boston Tea Party and, as someone who likes to define my moments by food, I can say it was fantastic. Like everyone else, I can't believe we're already nearing Easter, yet March seems to have been quite a long month.

things from march

Pretty Little Liars I'll start things off with TV again. This month I took it upon myself to start watching Pretty Little Liars. I tried it a few years ago, but never made it past the first two episodes. This time I've persevered and I'm now halfway through season 2. I'm still undecided. There's a lot of drama and, as I like to call, 'bad bits'. The bits where you're shouting at your TV saying "stupid, don't do that just talk it through/wait/don't go there". I don't like 'bad bits'. I am enjoying it though, and I really really like Ashley Benson's lips. Weird? They're just so pink!

Good News After what felt like years of job hunting (it was three months FYI) I was finally offered a position. I start after Easter and cannot wait to have routine, get stuck into something new and be involved with paydays again!

New Things Instead of doing the sensible thing and waiting until my first payday to buy things, I decided to buy things anyway. I went a bit crazy with ASOS 20% off codes and 4 ASOS deliveries and a trip to H&M later, I decided to film what I bought. You can watch it if you like, but I'll apologise now for the awkwardness. 

I've got good things planned for next month, which I'm really looking forward to. Here's to April!