Things From February

I've never been a fan of February, in my eyes it's a bit of a non-event (unless you're a fan of Valentines). Maybe the missing days just confuse me and I definitely always expect it to be warmer than it is, I don't know why the cold always surprises me. So in a nutshell, I never expect much of February. Regardless, I have enjoyed a few things. 

February flowers

How To Get Away With Murder. So I may have started watching this because of my slight crush on Harry Potter's Dean Thomas aka real life's Alfred Enoch aka HTGAWM's Wes Gibbins, but two episodes in and I was hooked. I like to think the title gives some indication of the plot but, for those of you interested, think lawyer, law students and a bit of murder for good measure. As I write this I have yet to watch the 2 hour series finale, so I'd better get to it! 

Baking. My urge to bake has gone into overdrive this month. After waiting forever for my stand mixer to arrive, and eventually having to settle for a different option (long and incredibly dull story) I was super excited to get started on the cakes. Hopefully I'll be posting a few more of my successful bakes over here.

Taylor Swift. Ok so I love Taylor every month, but the past few weeks I've really been enjoying my Taylor Swift mix CD (yep, CD. Hello no aux port in my car). There's something so therapeutic about singing along to Fearless and getting odd looks from passing drivers. Also February was the month Taylor bagged herself the title of Elle's Woman of the Year, so you know, all good.