Seasonal Staples: Spring

It's not often I get excited about Spring dressing but I think the onslaught of dusty pink items in the shops may have swayed me, because I've really enjoyed picking up new Spring pieces these past couple of months. 


It's no secret that I've always been a bit fan of denim, but I feel like Spring is the season for all things blue (or black, or white, I'm really not picky). It all started with the need to add a couple of new pairs of jeans to my collection, but it seems to have reached the point where I'm having to physically restrain myself from buying any more.

My absolute favourites have to be the Zara Jeans of Dreams – who can resist that embroidery? – and my Levi Wedgie Jeans which, I can confirm, don't actually give you a wedgie and are actually super comfy.

I'm also verging on Britney and Justin's 2001 look with my new found appreciation for double denim, which was only spurred on by the addition of my new favourite denim jacket.

I'm now on the hunt for the perfect pair of white jeans. Everyone who knows me has told me to steer clear, I'm a notorious spiller. I say that's what Vanish is for.

Pretty in Pink

Not the classic John Hughes film, but almost as good. I feel like I'd be doing the season a disservice if I didn't pay homage to the colour of the moment. Blush pink that is, if you haven't been keeping up. 

I used to think that pink was a no go for because, you know, ginger. I was wrong. Or maybe I just stopped caring. Either way these soft dusky tones have added some much needed colour to my otherwise black/white/grey wardrobe. 

New additions include my beloved Whistles Rivington clutch, just updated in this dreamy nude/pink colour, rose gold H&M sunglasses, and this beautiful Zara pleated coat

Kick Flare

We could argue that maybe I'm using this as an excuse to talk about denim even more. We wouldn't be wrong. 

Since the day 11-year-old Fern debated whether skinny jeans were going to make me look to 'emo' – I decided no – I've sworn by skinny jeans. There were days not too long ago where, if I didn't have to struggle for five minutes to get a pair of jeans on, they just weren't skinny enough.

But now, well I think I've seen the light. It started with mom jeans, and then straight leg and then I thought, hey why not try a kick flare. So try a kick flare I did, and I've not looked back. Noted, I will only buy ones marked cropped, thanks to my short legs and my need for jeans to be ankle length or above, but I think I'm in love.


I find myself struggling with footwear once Spring hits. I spend the entirety of Autumn and Winter in ankle boots that, when it starts to get a little too warm for them, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to put on. I'm not usually big on trainers, but I picked up a pair of white ASOS plimsolls a few weeks back and they've hardly left my feet since!

I also treated myself to this rather colourful Kate Spade bag for my birthday. I opted for this super bright orange/red shade so that I can get away with monochrome forever more, without being judged for my lack of colour. 

I'm Wearing: Denim Skirts

I've had this post saved in my drafts from that one week in July when the sun came out. Whilst I won't be putting this outfit on without some sort of cardigan/jacket/tights addition now, I thought it'd be a shame not to share it.

Topshop Top, Vero Moda Bralet via ASOS, Zara Skirt, Topshop Shoes

Topshop Top, Vero Moda Bralet via ASOS, Zara Skirt, Topshop Shoes

The shoes pictured hardly left my feet this summer and, when they did, it was only to put on their cream counterpart. I'll be sad to put them away once it starts getting colder, they're just so comfy.

I bought this skirt with the intention of wearing it all the time over the summer, but the sun didn't seem to make an appearance enough for that to happen. I have discovered that it looks really good with tights and my new boots though, so not all is lost.

I'm Wearing: Culottes

Rewind 6 months and never did I think I'd be one for wearing culottes. I'd always written them off, thinking someone as short as me couldn't pull them off. I was wrong. 

Topshop Culottes , ASOS Shoes, Zara Jumper

Topshop Culottes, ASOS Shoes, Zara Jumper

They're amazing, not to mention ridiculously comfortable.  This pair is from Topshop, and my collection is forever increasing in size now. I'm still not entirely sure if they actually suit me or not, but they're so comfy that I really don't care. 

I'm Wearing: Shiny Shoes

I'm a big fan of minimal, monochrome dressing. A pair of black jeans and a white shirt/t-shirt/jumper, is right up my street.

Topshop Leigh Jeans , Topshop White Shirt ( similar here ), ASOS Brogues, Ebay Sunglasses

Topshop Leigh Jeans, Topshop White Shirt (similar here), ASOS Brogues, Ebay Sunglasses

After promising myself a pair of silver shoes for a good couple of years now, I finally settled on this ASOS pair. Whilst I may be quite a 'safe' dresser, at least these shoes brighten up an otherwise plain outfit. 

I'm Wearing: Cream & Blue

I've been trying to figure out a way to do my outfit posts for what feels like forever now. Around a year or so ago, I realised that I hated posing for outfit photos, and didn't really have anyone to take them for me anyway. I'm definitely no super cool fashion blogger, but sometimes I wear nice things, and they deserve sharing. So now I'm giving the ever popular flat lay style a go. Let's see how long I can keep it up for.

Coat:  M&S , Dress: French Connection, Boots:  River Island , Bag:  Whistles (via ASOS)

Coat: M&S, Dress: French Connection, Boots: River Island, Bag: Whistles (via ASOS)

I got this coat for my birthday a couple of weeks back and, would you believe it, it's actually M&S! It's from the petite range, so it the perfect length and fit for me. The dress is French Connection, via ASOS, from last summer. I forgot I had it for a while, but I think the blue goes nicely with the cream of my coat and boots. I'm braving this with no tights, but I'm still not sure it's really quite warm enough. Come on May, sort yourself out!