Things from January

I know we shouldn't be wishing away time, but wow am I glad to see the back of January. It definitely felt as though it dragged on for far longer than really necessary - and no, not just because payday seemed so far away. 

Harry Potter

I spent my first day of 2016 channelling my Hufflepuff tendencies and perusing the wonder that is the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It was my second visit since it first opened back in 2012, and I'm already planning a third. I very nearly came away with an Umbridge Cat Teacup. I didn't and I'm already regretting my sensible decision. 

Amazing TV Shows

If there's one thing this month was good for, it was catching up with some fantastic TV shows. 

First up, I made use of Amazon Prime, and started watching Red Oaks. It stars Craig Roberts, a.k.a Submarine's Oliver Tate, a.k.a that vampire from Being Human, a.k.a Rio Wellard from Tracey Beaker. It was really enjoyable for some light watching, especially as the episodes are only half an hour, a nice break from my usual hour-long Suits/PLL/How to Get Away With Murder marathons.

Another offering from Amazon Prime was The Man in the High Castle. Without giving too much away, it's essentially about an alternative universe in which the Nazis won the war. If you want to watch a show that makes you feel sorry for a Nazi solider, and then really question how good of a person you really are, this is the one. 

Because I'm forever late to the party - no really, I'll always show up an hour late so I don't turn up alone - I thought now was a good time to join the Doctor Foster train. Whilst I'm definitely questioning my decision to wait until now to watch it, it did mean that I didn't have to wait a whole week for the next episode, so good idea on my part really. 

And finally. PLL made a comeback. I'm still adjusting to the 5 year time jump and all the changes, not sure how I feel about it all yet. 

I can already hazard a guess that next month will probably be filled with TV shows too. The return of Suits and How to Get Away With Murder all in one month, I can't wait! 

Hello September

There's something about that first day of September that has a certain feeling. Maybe it's me still clinging onto that 'back to school' feeling, but I woke up on Tuesday morning, looked out of the window, and something felt different.

It's funny really, because the whole of August can pass with only murmurings of 'how is is August already?', yet one day into September and things seem to change. And no, not just because it means my A/W shopping can burst into full swing. 

July and August ended up all being a bit of a blur. For the most part, I had a nice couple of months. I got see a lot more of my best friends, headed up to Bristol (and was fascinated by a pub serving two for £6 cocktails, that's £3 each, that's magic)! We swung though trees GoApe style, and did a lot of dancing to 90s music. 

We said goodbye to summer dresses as Disney characters, and there's something incredibly satisfying about a group of so called 'adults' sat around a garden bench dressed as everything from Rapunzel (yep, me, what a surprise) to Peter Pan's shadow. 

I've uhmmed and ahhed over whether to share this next part. I'm not the best at discussing feelings, even with my closest friends but midway through August, my boyfriend and I broke up.

I took it badly. Or a lot worse than I ever expected I would anyway. 

I'm not sure how you're supposed to deal with a break up, especially when that person has been a part of your life for almost six years. So far I've booked a holiday to Barcelona and listened to all the Taylor Swift songs I had previously overlooked. I have a new found appreciation for 'I Almost Do', even if it does turn me into a blubbering mess every time.

In some ways it's scary putting it into writing. I put off telling my friends, because the more people you tell, the more real it feels. The more real it feels, the more it hits home that this your life now. But maybe that's a good thing, and the sooner I can stop pretending it's just something I'm imagining, the better. 

I know we're doing the right thing and I know I'll be fine. I'm just not right now.

So, that's what I've been up to the past couple of months. I'm looking forward to September, if not only so I can start wearing my shiny new boots. I like you Autumn, you can stay.



I may have let my blog slide a little bit over the past few months, but now I have a legitimate excuse to spend more time away from my laptop. Meet Cleo.

She's currently eight and a half weeks old, enjoys meowing, jumping across chairs and sleeping on bath mats.

I picked her up on Sunday and I can't even begin to explain how happy I am to finally have my own little kitten in my life. My camera roll is full to the brim with cat photos, and I can't remember what I used to post in Instagram pre-kitten. 

She's been here all of 4 whole days, but I think I'm in love.

Things from May

May was a good month. Mainly because I turned 22, sang a LOT of Taylor Swift and spent the beginning of the month in Disneyland.


I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Disneyland Paris. Essentially, I spent four days prancing around to the Main Street USA music and taking far too many polaroids on my Instax Mini.  I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm still getting little pangs of the post-Disney blues. 


Thanks to a certain Taylor Swift, I was more excited to turn 22 than I was for my 21st. Spending it in Disneyland was a massie bonus, and I also enjoyed some celebrations at home. 

I spent the rest of May settling in nicely to my new job, which now means I'm super sad about leaving when my contract comes to an end in September. 

After a busy couple of months, I've not got a lot planned for June. I'm just hoping for more sun so that I can get lots of wear out of the ridiculous amount of clothes I've bought lately. 

When you wish upon a star...

At the beginning of May, I was lucky enough to get to spend my 22nd birthday in my favourite place with some of my favourite people. Whilst it might sound a little cliché, Disneyland is one of the places I'm at my happiest. I love how for the few days you're there, there's nothing more to think about than what ride you'll be queuing for next, what time the parade starts, and pondering over whether you really need another Disney mug. Answer? Always yes. 

Disneyland Polaroid
Disneyland Polaroid
Disneyland Polaroids

I didn't end up taking too many SLR photos this year, as I already have so many from my trip a couple of years back. I did manage to make fantastic use of the Instax Mini Polaroid I got for Christmas, and I'm really pleased with some of the photos. It's so nice to have little keepsakes of the trip. I now just need to figure out how I want to to display them all.

I also took quite a few video clips, and ended up putting them all together into a birthday themed video. I probably shouldn't be using the music in it, although I don't have ads on any of my videos, so I'm risking it for now. Sorry Taylor, I just couldn't resist.