Things from June

June mainly consisted of the aftermath of May's McBusted and Arctic Monkeys (trust me, all I listened to for a good two weeks solid was old McFly playlists), birthdays, looking forward to holiday, and suddenly being home from holiday.

During the month of June I rediscovered two old favourites, and introduced two new additions into my life.

First up is Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation. When I first bought this last summer, we didn't get on. I was convinced that the lightest shade was too dark for my face, and I was a little too fixated on high end foundations. However, over the past month or so, my mind has been changed. Nearly Naked has taken it's place as my favourite foundation of the moment. Maybe my skin-tone is a teeny bit darker this year, and maybe I'm appreciating the sheer, light coverage more. Whatever it is, I'm onto a winner with this one.

After going to see About Time in the cinema last year, I eagerly awaited the DVD release. I pre-ordered. It arrived. I watched again, shed tears, then placed it back on the shelf. I decided to give it another watch a couple of weeks back, and reminded myself what an amazing film it is. I love it. Everything about it. It really does make you think about how precious each day is.

Whilst enjoying the sun in Corfu for a week, I finally managed to finish Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and wow am I glad I did. There aren't many words to describe how amazing this book is. I know I'm late on the bandwagon, but since finishing this book I can't seem to stop thinking about it.

Lastly is a new addition to my lipstick drawer. You'll usually find me perusing the same nudey-pinks over and over again, but I was drawn to this gorgeous Bobbi Brown shade after seeing Brittany post about it a few months back.

Rosy stayed hidden away for a while, before I decided to brave the slightly bolder shade whilst on holiday. I can firmly say that it's my new favourite shade.

So there we have some things from June. Let's hope things from July might be as nice.